Forgiveness and The Offender

“Forgiveness means that you’ve taken the offender, and all the offenses of such out of your thought life – away from your emotional well-being, and far removed from your present state of being.” ~Stormie Steele/The Journey of Forgiveness ~ print/ebook

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Chrissy (, I am honored and grateful to accept The Blog Tour Award, you are an amazing talent.

Chrissy writes with heartfelt passion, love and spirit. I admire her conviction, and the depth that she offers through her writings.

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Although there are numerous other bloggers/writers/photographers whose works I enjoy, I’ve chosen 4. They each share works that represent the voice of their talent. I respect the originality and uniqueness of their styles.

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3. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.


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I’ve chosen April 13th for this 1 time post. Thanks again Chrissy (, I appreciate you. ~Storm

Q1. WHAT I’M I WORKING ON AT THE MOMENT? Producing Life Through The Storm books, facilitating drum circles, and conducting workshops that encourage spiritual and personal development are my current works.


Q2. HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS IN MY GENRE? I can’t justly say how my works differ from others in my genre, I can say that my works are from the perspective of personal experiences. I can’t over-stress the importance of doing the work and getting to the core of issues that cause inner dis-ease.


Q3. WHY DO I WRITE OR CREATE WHAT I DO? I aspire to inspire. I create in order to encourage empowerment…responsible living. We are not bound to define ourselves, nor live by experiences that have stolen our worth – such is my realized truth. The aforementioned possibility compels me to share.


Q4. HOW DOES MY WRITING/CREATIVE PROCESS WORK? My writing/creative process is a result of engaging life. I’ve learned to pay attention (as much as one can). Life is impacting, it’s meant to be that way. I write from a perspective of being impacted, from Divine (Holy Spirit) and personal revelations via experiences.
I am a practitioner of the faith that I profess – a compilation of many lessons, awarding me an endless flow of creativity. I respect my life’s rhythm, my voice and the ability to make a contribution.

Priority and Perspective…

The challenges that we come through – especially the impact of abuse (any form) – warrant the need to push through inherited beliefs…thoughts that were bred by negative experiences.

Your priority must be that of gaining a sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance and love. This is today’s effort – priority & perspective.  ~The Healing Journey

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

life through the storm ~the healing journey/copyright 2014

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Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey (ebook) is Free! Now through April 10th! I only ask that you take 1 day at time to complete (discipline). Upon completion, please write a thoughtful, honest and balanced review at Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Sony or wherever you’ve made your purchase. I hope that you will pursue this opportunity with full intent on engaging your healing (mind, body, spirit). Pass it on to loved ones & friends. I appreciate you and your support. ~Storm

The Healing Journey ~print

“The scriptures are clear that it is the Lord God who heals (Exodus 15:26), and yet, after thousands of years, man languishes in how to maintain health of mind and body. Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey – A 21 Day Collection of Insight Principles. The reader will partake in a 21 day coaching guide to one’s personal healing experience, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

One may ask, why 21 days? And the conventional answer could be that research shows that an erroneous habit can be changed to a positive one given 21 days of practice. However, historic documentation shows us that healing can take anywhere from an instant to many years. It actually depends on the faith, wisdom and determination of the practitioner and/or healing agent. In this case the healing agent is oneself, not the physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counselor: It is the reader of this book, along with the supreme creative power of the universal Creator of all things (seen and unseen, Heb.11:3) – the one we refer to as God – the source of all health, healing, wholeness, vitality and life.

If one takes to heart the above passage taken from Exodus 15:26 as your cornerstone belief system and apply your vision of this 21 day practical guide for healing – you will emerge on the 22nd day or upon completion, a healthier more vibrant soul. I say soul because when one is healed at the soul level, it reverberates from the atomic, to the cellular and on through the biologic to the complete physical, one’s entire being – body, mind and spirit.

Stormie G. Steele has written a practical guide for your healing. This book was not written for one’s personal entertainment but as a gift of counsel, for you the reader, to put into practice not only as a template for healing but also as a part of your daily living – for life.

If you approach this book sincerely and prayerfully, I believe that you will experience what the Prophet Isaiah (58:8) wrote saying, “your healing shall spring forth speedily…”

I know from personal experience that Stormie Steele is anointed with the counsel of the Holy Spirit and has compassion for those seeking healing for their life, affairs and personal world. Therefore, begin this 21 day journey with the intent to complete it for your highest good and for those whom you love.”

~Reverend Dr. James V. Steele, PhD

Life Through The Storm/The Healing Journey/copyright 2014

Life Through The Storm


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