Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness does not always mean relational reconciliation – although at times, it does.

Forgiveness is reconciling within oneself, the issue that will not be reconciled with another.

Additionally – forgiveness is an emotional cleansing – an offering of healing, and renewal of perspective.

Forgiveness is an act of will. That of reconciling issues…and the impact of such, within oneself. Forgiveness is a worthy investment (mind, body, spirit).

Make the most of your time and your life…reconcile and forgive. ~Stormie Steele

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


The mere thought of waiting can leave us with a not so pleasant outlook on things. In fact, there are times when we’d rather jump into a particular situation because it feels good…at least for a few moments.

Waiting is more than the twiddling of the thumbs. It is a space of preparation, an opportunity that fuels us with needed insights for whatever lies ahead. In this light, waiting, trusting and patience are united.

Waiting gives us information, and the time to process that information, with wise considerations. Additionally – waiting allows us to weigh our options (pros & cons) – to examine our expectations, whether they are realistic or unrealistic. Healthy or unhealthy.

There are times when we can be afraid to do a particular thing (been there). So we wait…and wait, and wait – you get the message. For the sake of this brief post, I am not referencing fear-based waiting. Rather – the waiting that ignites knowledge, understanding & wisdom. It is this type of waiting that assures our faith, our sense of well-being…that waiting is a good investment!

As we consciously participate with life – examining ourselves, learning, growing…becoming – we find that waiting, is active involvement.

Have you ever experienced the advantage of waiting?

Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm – wishing you balance and well-being. ~Storm

Speak Life…

Speak Life/eye of Storm copyright 2014

Speak Life – see the brighter side of things.
In the mean time…the in between time, seek to create meaning.
Be courageous, plant life bearing seeds!

Speak life – be optimistic! Expect the best, more than meets the eye is happening. In the mean time…the in between time, monitor that inner-dialogue – no blaming, resort to responsible living.

Speak life – breathe! Breathe deeper…even deeper – aaah, release!
In the mean time…the in between time, strive to keep faith and hope alive!

Speak life. Are you counting your blessings?
In the mean time…the in between time – be thankful!

Speak life, speak life…speak life.
In the mean time…the in between time, stay awake! ~Stormie Steele

Eye of Storm Image/speak life copyright 2014


My Journey of Healing ~Part 3/Final


Be empowered to take authority over your life and walk a way from anything that debilitates your sense of wholeness & well-being! Guard your thoughts – pay attention to what you’re telling yourself…no more lies! ~Storm

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My Journey of Healing ~Part 3

Audio Version

It doesn’t matter how long healing takes…allowing the pieces to come together, moment by moment – day by day, is a life-altering experience. The same intensity of focus, patience & commitment that it took for me to come into healing, is required for its maintenance – I engage the process.

The journey of healing is one of self-awareness, self-acceptance & getting to know the truth about one’s existence.

So, first things first – you are loved, you have always been loved…despite the past – despite circumstances that may have dictated otherwise. You will always be loved – be certain of it!

We’re not alone as we heal from hurtful experiences – the daily headlines are a clear indication of that. Negative replays of the past zaps our energy (our ability to define ourselves as whole), and it’s time consuming.

It is by the grace of God that healing…

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My Journey of Healing ~Part 2

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white lotus

Audio Version

I empathize (not condone) with those who have long forgotten how to live beyond the IMPACT of abuse…further destroying themselves & others in their path. Perhaps it’s too difficult to LET GO of the pain. Such is the case of the young man recently in the news for beating an elderly priest. The priest allegedly abused the young man & his brother during their younger years. The list goes on & on with victims of childhood sexual abuse becoming vigilantes or perpetrators.

While I’ve noticed that many who have been hurt by abuse share similar challenges – shame, feelings of worthlessness or other – our stories are different. Therefore, each individual deserves the right to open up & talk when they are ready to do so.

Healing from childhood trauma takes time, we heal & process differently. Nevertheless, PROLONGED stay in painful memories further creates emotional dis-ease.


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My Journey of Healing ~Part 1


Inner healing is a process – a process of will, determination…it is an act of faith on one’s own behalf. Here’s to wishing healing, balance and well-being.~Storm

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My Journey of Healing

Audio version

I’ve wanted to share more insight on my journey of healing & forgiveness, so here goes. As challenging as it can be – healing from childhood abuse is possible. My journey has been one gaining self-awareness, self-acceptance, hope, purpose & self-love.

The impact of childhood abuse held me captive for some number of years. I literally became sick and tired of repeating the words of my childhood experiences to myself & to others…my mouth, my mind, my emotions & my soul needed a new story! I no longer cared why it happened, I just wanted to be released from that story.

I felt that having been abused pasted an obvious message across my face, which read…I was unworthy, I would never amount to anything & that no one would ever see me as anything…but, as an abused person. In truth, this is how I saw myself (the lies…

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