We Can’t…We Can

We can’t change many of the things that we’ve said or done, nor many of the things that we’ve experienced – especially unpleasant things.

We can, however – change the impact of unpleasantries by changing the present course of our behavior, our words, and our beliefs.

We create patterns for living every single day – whether healthy, or unhealthy.

It behooves us to be aware of how life impacts us…and of our present creations. They have a way of influencing many, many events.

We can influence our lives, and those nearest us in some pretty amazing ways!

Are you available for what you can do?

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Wishing you balance and wellbeing. ~Stormie Steele

We Have Them…

We have them. Some seem perfect, while others are obviously imperfect.
They sprinkle in our lives the exact amount of that “something” – paving entry for us to become more than average!

Perhaps they make us mad, make us cringe, cry and regret. Yet, a multitude of invaluable lessons are resulted as we observe ourselves, while interacting with them.

We have them. They aren’t meant to be perfect – rather, they offer to us the unique blessing of challenges needed for the journey that sculpts us in love.

Their brief presence won’t last long…enjoy them while they’re around.

We have them – family!
Determine to appreciate yours. ~Storm

Being Still…

“Being still” is an inner-separation from misinterpretation! I am quiet so that I will not misuse my imagination against myself!

I am quiet because I really don’t know what’s going on!

I’ve learned that “being still” quietens anxiety’s rush. It is by “being still” that I learn the “process” of entrusting all that I am, and all that I’m not into His care.

“Being still” is a powerful reminder – God is God!

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you balance and wellbeing. ~Storm

Healthy Relationships

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Healthy relationships are the consistencies of our intents and efforts – sustained by our attentiveness and commitment. Healthy relationships are neither easy, nor do they just happen. Compatibility plays it part; yet, it alone can not sustain the health of a relationship.

Healthy relationships are the results of individuals who have chosen to live conscious and responsible lives. We each bring our share of stuff…requiring personal accountability.

We each offer a world of unique differences. In healthy relationships, we learn to respect those differences. In part, it is the regard for those differences that create the needed structure for relational balance – mere tolerance is not enough. Numerous lessons are stored in the uniqueness of our differences.

Healthy relating means that we are committed to change as it encourages personal and spiritual growth. We partner in the creation of healthy relationships, offering both our strengths and weaknesses. In…

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