Rest is essential as we move through daily living. Rest is that portal that paves way for clarity.

Rest prepares us to hear – assisting in the emptying of debris and concerns that ignite stress.

Rest is the commanding of inner peace, perspective and order.

Rest allows us to heal…to re-access and often, re-prioritize our approach towards particulars.

Rest permits us to maintain (as best as possible) optimum health…mind, body, spirit.

Whether we choose prayer, meditation, a nature hike, or simply kick back on some relaxing music…rest is the tool that refuels momentum!

Are you resting?

Wishing you balance and wellbeing. Storm

Rest/copyright 2015


The PROCESS of patience is often slow & meticulous. James 1:4 states it like this – “Allow patience to have her perfect work, so that there is no lack of any good thing.”

Divine structuring is taking place through patience, we are wise to let it happen!

Patience is the virtue that SEEMINGLY holds us back, although this is not the case…she’s merely taking care of Divine business – WORKING stuff WITHIN us & WORKING stuff OUT of us.

Believe it or not, patience pushes us forward – equipping us with the “know how” – holding our highest good!

Patience WORKS within each participant what time alone does not grant. Time gives to us the seasons & increments of space needed for a particular thing, or situation to take its timely turn. Patience equips us within that time frame (with the proper gear) so that we are effective in our assignment. Patience is a guardian of sorts…making sure that we are clothed sufficiently as we live, move & have our being.

How do you handle patience – rather, how do you allow patience to work in you?

You’re always welcome to share your insights. Thank you for your visit. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

Patience/copyright 2014

The Silence…


She brings the sweetest of gifts – the silence.

Welcome her essence, she calms and strengthens.

The silence is the soul’s kinswoman. Breathe deeply…embrace the power of her influence.


Learn through the silence…” ~Storm

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The silence/copyright 2014

Just Be…

Let your soul – your inner life be settled. For it is there (within) that you will find your greatest accomplishment – your foundation for living.

The constant of striving (restlessness), and all of its discontents…creates a never ending inner war. A warring that is against everything that seeks to settle the mind, the body…the spirit.

Dismiss the unnecessary, regrets and guilt – “the could’ve and should’ve” – nothing but bondage!!

Speak life, speak life – speak life!!

Take note of what you have, and of who you are…who you are becoming. Your successes are many!

Establish a life of spoken gratitude, one that brings emphasis to thanksgiving!

Breathe, rest…be still – be quiet. Just be…

Permit peace to become your pavement, your foundation for living and being.

Thank you for your visit. Live well and live wise. ~Stormie Steele

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Just be/copyright 2014

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