Take Another Look

To live as though there is no meaning or purpose within the experience (whatever the experience might be), is to exist with great emptiness.Take another look.

Each experience is loaded with information that has potential to advance our overall well-being.

The seeming insignificant…is quite significant. Take another look. ~Stormie Steele

The Silence…


She brings the sweetest of gifts – the silence.

Welcome her essence, she calms and strengthens.

The silence is the soul’s kinswoman. Breathe deeply…embrace the power of her influence.


Learn through the silence…” ~Storm

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This Is Much…

The much that I can do, is to be – this is much.

To be, is mindful authenticity..,this is my peace.

Living each moment fully expressed – aaaah, is to engage multiple Divine seasons.

The much that I can do, is to give me…myself – a gift, an offering.

What is the much that you can do? Are you free, authentic and at peace?

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

Living in The “Now”

Some of the most beneficial aspects about living in the “now”, is that we give ourselves the opportunity to seize and experience the unexplored and a host of unfamiliar treasures that each “now” offers!

The unexplored keeps us yearning for more. While unfamiliar treasures remind us how essential it is to continue our thirst/zest for life!

Living in the”now” compels us to extend ourselves beyond the old and familiar patterns of thinking, behaving and believing.

Living in the “now” grants us the hope of renewal…possibility.

As we permit our lives to touch and evolve through the present of “now”…we enhance our ability to live more purposefully – intentionally and fully.

Are you living in the “now”?

Wishing you balance and well-being. ~Stormie Steele


surrender now

As we learn to trust in God, we enter into a rest – one that quietens us from fear and anxiety’s rush.

Additionally – the mind, body and the spirit surrenders and accepts…all is in Divine order.

Have you found a place of rest?

Wishing you balance and well-being. ~ Stormie Steele

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Another Day of Lessons

Life is no respecter of persons – we each have a our daily share of lessons to learn, challenges to face and so on. This is a good thing. Each lesson is specifically and uniquely designed to accommodate its recipient/student. The Overseer (God) of our lives knows exactly which life experience works for our individual good. From the backed up traffic on an important day, to the long lines that never cease at making us wait – the lesson points to what’s happening on the inside of us.

At other times unknown to us, the things that seem to be delayed are working for our good too – we may never know how many “near misses” have been avoided.

Spiritual & personal development is always in pursuit of us, we merely need pursue that which pursues us.

When our love for God is the prerequisite for living and being, be assured, “All things are working for our good”. See Romans 8:28
What does it mean to love God? In part it means that we’re willing to seek His guidelines and principals for daily living, bringing them to the forefront of our intents.

Can we love God and make mistakes? All we have to do is look at ourselves and the choices that we make in order to get the answer for that one. “…least we forget how fragile we are.” ~Sting

Our conscious surrender to the One Who is in charge of all, directs our path in ways that are beneficial for our overall good. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you with My loving eye on you.” ~Psalm 32:8 (NLT)

As you prepare for another day, remember that each encounter is a lesson. You may or may not get its meaning on impact, but if you’re open & willing to learn – paying attention to your own responses & reflexes – you will indeed learn.

What’s your assignment today?

Be prepared to take notes, ask questions and be ready to answer them.

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

Work throughThe Issues…

red flower reflection

One of the ways that we keep dysfunction out of our lives is to examine the patterns within ourselves that have a tendency to cater to such.

What does that mean? It means that it behooves us to work through  the issues that cause us to misinterpret who we are.

We alone are responsible to work through the issues that separate us from peace and ultimately, our healing, ~Stormie Steele

Image by Abstract

It Goes without Saying…

Storm's Piece ~Driftwood

It goes without saying – whenever we operate from a perspective of worthlessness, lacking in self-love (self-acceptance) – we’re bound to encounter personal and relational dysfunction. ~Storm

Image by Eye of Storm

Never Forget…

Never forget how unique you are, how your difference makes the difference.

Never forget that you are loved, realize it in your deepest core!

Never forget that you are worthy. Your worth has never been about what others say or do – or don’t do or say.

Never forget that you’ve been given the privilege of choice…honor it!

Never forget that your role in this experience that we call life is quite significant!

Never forget to encourage yourself, to accept yourself, to allow yourself to grow– to forgive yourself…to love yourself! Never forget that you have something to give.

Have you forgotten anything important about yourself?

Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm. Wishing you balance and well-being. ~Storm Steele

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