Remember how unique you are – how your difference makes a world of difference.

Remember that you are worthy, you were born worthy. Your worth has never been about what others say or do – or don’t say, or do.

Remember that you’ve been given the privilege of choice, the blessing and birthright of choice…honor it! Determine to make wise use of it.

Remember that your role in this experience that we call life is quite significant! Never equate your significance to temporary stuff, or in comparison to others – you’re more than that!

Remember that your voice matters, it has always mattered. Let no experience convince you otherwise.

Remember to encourage yourself – to be aware of yourself, to accept yourself, to allow yourself to grow– to forgive yourself…to love yourself!

Remember to rest – to breathe deeply. Inhale slowly, naturally, deeply…exhale – relax. Remember to sleep. Let yourself recover, refresh…heal.

Remember, there is a God – Who sees all, knows all and is all!

Wishing you balance well-being. ~Storm

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Stormie Steele/Remember/copyright 2014

It’s Here! The Healing Journey…

It’s Here!


Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey (A 21 Day Collection of Insight Principles), is my first ebook release.

One may ask, why 21 days? And the conventional answer could be that research shows that an erroneous habit can be changed to a positive one given 21 days of practice. However, historic documentation shows us that healing can take anywhere from an instant to many years. It actually depends on the faith, wisdom and determination of the practitioner and/or healing agent. In this case the healing agent is oneself, not the physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counselor: It is the reader of this book, along with the supreme creative power of the universal Creator of all things (seen and unseen, Heb.11:3) – the one we refer to as God – the source of all health, healing, wholeness, vitality and life. ~Rev. Dr. JV Steele

The Healing Journey encourages the seeker to listen to the voice of Divine counsel – that “still small voice” that attempts to correct inner-conflict.

The Healing Journey is a journey of courage – one that challenges the seeker to modify old beliefs and adapt to new found revelations that encourage the development of mind, body & soul integration – Divine entitlement!

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20% Discount Code #GT68B & Introductory Price through December 31st!

The Perfect Gift!

During my young years of parenting, I envisioned a time when I could actually celebrate the holidays with a personal sense of meaning. A holiday specially designed, separate from the grandeur focus of materialism, gain and stress.

It’s so easy to allow oneself to get caught up in the suppose to haves during the holiday season. This is especially true when one has not yet defined their own meaning for the season. As a young mother, I was caught off guard. I entered into an overwhelming burden to myself.

I can’t tell you how many times finances didn’t allow for numerous purchases – not only for the children, but for the many others that must be included in the list of giving.

It’s interesting to me how I longed for my own meaning for the season, yet – I was not ready to own its separation from the seeming norm. As a young woman, I had many questions and uncertainty.

Needless to say, I danced the dance of holiday woes longer than I care to admit – surrendering my mind, body and my finances to stress! I could write a book about that alone!

Reality finally hit when a truck-load of unexpected challenges made its unpredictable arrival. Loss of income and the set-backs that it ignited was enormous! Saving were being spent on a daily living, which ultimately led me into making wiser choices regarding day to day spending. This of course affected the holidays too. The emotional disappointment was brief. I knew that the giving of gifts during the holiday season would have to be down to a minimal. A challenged that created a welcomed relief!!

So I prepared myself. As I re-evaluated my life and the environment that we called home – which was full of mutual loving acceptance – I also examined “how” I would explain to my loved ones that the holidays would be something different and creative this year. I chose my words carefully – forced to examine my emotions when speaking them (did I believe, or connect with what I was saying?). Instinctively, I knew that this was my window of opportunity to design my personal meaning for the holiday season.

To my amazement and surprise, my household was ready for the welcomed change. It was the year that the entire household decided to pull names from a box. Each person would be responsible for one individual. We all agreed to one specific gift – not one that the giver wanted to give, rather – one that the receiver desired to received. This, I thought was an exceptional ideal, as it gave us all the advantage of not wasting our funds on the excess of giving gifts that usually end up in storage. We each would honor and be grateful to receive the one gift that we really wanted. The family’s willingness to flow into a new meaning for the season was met with joy and unexpected ease…this truly was the perfect gift! The gifts that we gave to one another that year created for us one of our most memorable holiday seasons to date.

My personal meaning for the holiday season is not separate from my philosophy for daily living. I am aware of what’s practical for my life. I accept fully what’s uniquely mine (living without comparisons to others), and make the most of its meaning with gratitude. This is wealth, it is the perfect gift.

What’s your perfect gift for the season?

Live wise, live well, and be whole. ~Storm

Life’s Currents…

Life’s currents are faithful.
No matter the season…she compels us forward. She holds true to her rhythm, her seasons – her timing is impeccable.

Whosoever has ears to hear, and eyes to see, embraces her challenges. Where will you run, where will you hide?

We do good to trust life’s currents.
Her cues are dependable and consistent.

Within her flow is Divine due.

Ride, ride, ride – purpose has not left your side!
Ride, ride, ride – the waves produce structure, not destruction!

Life’s currents are full of mercy, compassion and grace.
Ever luring us closer and closer to our Maker.

Stormie Steele ~Life’s Current/copyright 2009 – 2014 revisions


Every belief opens the door for a practice of other beliefs. This then is followed by a host of experiences – healthy or unhealthy, favorable or unfavorable…acceptable or unacceptable.

It behooves us to be conscious of our beliefs, as daily living impacts us in multiple ways.

Beliefs serve as pathways. They are doors that open to us opportunities – an offering of life bearing rituals, or those that produce cycles of unpleasantries.

Know what you believe, and why you believe as you believe. Beliefs have a way of influencing our overall wellbeing.

Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm.

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

Life Through The Storm


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