It’s a Hard Topic, but…

So here I go, referencing the topic of unforgiveness. Bear with me – I know that forgiveness is not as easy as it sounds. Master & Lord Jesus reminds us to forgive seventy-seven times (Matthew 18:21-22). That’s a lot of forgiving! It’s one of the most challenging paths to take. Perhaps we think that our offender is getting away with a particular offense. Or, maybe we think that they deserve far more than being forgiven. The truth of the matter is this – forgiveness is not about the offender, it’s about you. Forgiveness in no wise condones offenses – it liberates its victims from further injury.

I’ve watched myself over the years mentally experience, and re-experience a particular painful memory – only to set myself up for an emotional set-back! I’d end up attacking myself with self-injurious words because of someone else’s offense. Unforgiveness is relentless – it’s psychologically destructive. I can remember speaking to someone about the pain that was caused by their behavior – the person had no recollection of what I was talking about! A huge wake-up call for me! I couldn’t believe that I had to walk through the doors of forgiving them without a simple act of human courtesy – an apology.

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” ~Nelson Mandela

Forgiveness is about self-preservation – a way of preserving our sanity and dignity. Forgiveness further gives us the rightful place of ownership, of our emotions and overall well-being.

Forgive – it’s not easy…it’s a process of time – but, your mind, body & spirit will gain a life worthy of its benefit.

What are your challenges with unforgiveness?

You’re welcome to join in the conversation on forgiveness. I welcome your thoughts & insights. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

9 thoughts on “It’s a Hard Topic, but…

  1. As everyone agrees, forgiveness is not easy. It took me years to forgive an ex-husband who sold or gave away all my childhood possessions that I wanted my child to inherit and who never paid child support. I did fine without any of it, but it still rankled. Then, one day, I sat down and realized that this man was soul-sick, that he would never be able to really love or sustain a relationship. He was more to be pitied than punished, and I just let the resentment melt away. I had allowed him to live rent free in my head for too long.


    1. I respect your candor – and like your words, “I had allowed him to live rent free in my head too long.” Resentment is relentless – it will not let go of us until we let go…

      Thank you for your visit, return anytime.


  2. You’re correct Susi…forgiveness isn’t easy”. Forgiveness is a personal journey, a process of time. When the reasons to release an offense become greater than the offense…forgiveness becomes personally possible. I appreciate your honesty…


  3. Forgiveness isn’t always easy. I want to believe it’s always possible. For me a cheating husband after 22 years of marriage and a really broken heart – that creating has been just still not forgivable . One day maybe… Just not yet. I’d like to get there
    And I think of all those reconciliation hearings in South Africa and am humbled by all those examples…
    So one day … Just not yet !


  4. First and foremost, I have had to learn to forgive myself than allow the Grace of my Master – Christ – to infiltrate and take root. No, it is not easy. But once you allow forgiveness to take root…oh, the freedom is indescribable. Mari


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