Honor Your Rhythm

Honor Your Rhythm

As we live our lives, it’s much like finding our rhythm on the Djembe’ (African hand drum). Humbly commit to learning, no comparisons allowed. Participate authentically & trust that you will come into your own – let love, patience, work & time take its course. Your rhythm (just like mine) is essential as we have our being.

Your rhythm is your voice, it is your trust and instinctual timely as you move through each day.

It is up to us to accept our rhythm, as no one else plays that significant role in our lives.

As we learn to honor our rhythm, respect our rhythm – we honor our time & our lives – others will follow our lead.

Have you found your rhythm?

You’re always welcome to leave your thoughts & wisdom. Thank you for your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

Photography by Steve Roberts

4 thoughts on “Honor Your Rhythm

  1. I am so inspired by your books & cds, my sister Wyvonia shared several books & my favorite CD of yours is Life through the storm, which puts me to sleep, along with prayer, I am currently in a winter storm, but I thank God for gifting Women like you with to touch the lives of all who are in the midst of a storm. May God bless you & yours abundantly for sharing your gifts so we can further the process of been whole, again. Blessings!!!!.

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    1. I am blessed by the generosity of your words. Humbled that you have been blessed.

      May God continue blessing you and yours with all that is good and righteous within His plan.

      I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts,



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