Discipline, Order & Maintenance

In a world where competition is the norm, we are blessed if/when we can find our own rhythm, one that keeps us accountable & in Divine alignment. In part, this means that we’re not willing to give up the lessons that have graced our lives with self-awareness, inner healing, peace of mind & self-respect.

With much, comes much responsibility, no way of getting around it. Shifting around daily activities is a privilege…no reason to complain. However – it’s essential to not thwart, or sacrifice one’s own path that creates balance. Discipline, maintenance & order is primary in the midst of daily living.


Here’s an example – the world of writing is filled with helpful & impressive information! There are numerous books, professionals, websites & articles that highlight some of the best hosting sites – marketing tips, all sorts of video tutorials, social networking – to the technical side of things. The list is an extensive & informative jungle! Despite the “weeds” that “pop-up” from time to time – I’ve been able to gather many useful tools/ideas. Can’t help but mention Greg Narayan…an excellent resource! Along with the constant flow of solid information that’s available right here at WordPress!

That being said, no matter how much I review, or apply some of the findings – incorporating it within a “rhythm” that helps me to maintain a healthy balance, benefits my overall well-being.

Since I consider myself a newbie on the blogging scene, I am so available for new ventures – however, not at risk of losing my personal sense of perspective or direction – my inner harmony. It’s what keeps me centered, and personally responsible. This practice has little to do with being inflexible, and much to do with honoring discipline, maintenance & order. The aforementioned is not an unrealistic goal of perfection – rather, a way of life as I continue my personal evolution into the unknown.

If we’re not capable of discipline, self-maintenance & order as we move forward in life, what can possibly hope to gain?

As I participate with life, staying alert to its impact on my being – I am better equipped to practice the disciplines that keep me grounded (mind, body, spirit).

How do you bring discipline, maintenance & order into your life & world affairs?

You’re always welcome to join the conversation with your insights. Thank you for your visit. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

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2 thoughts on “Discipline, Order & Maintenance

  1. There are two things that are important to me…Yoga and the Holy Scriptures (Bible). I must do and read daily in order to find begin my day with balance and clarity.

    As a mother of three, one being a disabled daughter, this two things are imperative in my life. They are the glue that keeps my daily life…manageable. Thank you Storm for sharing. mari


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