Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are the consistencies of our intents and efforts - sustained by our attentiveness and commitment. Healthy relationships are neither easy, nor do they just happen. Compatibility plays it part; yet, it alone can not sustain the health of a relationship. Healthy relationships are the results of individuals who have chosen to live conscious [...]

Black History Month 2014: “Civil Rights in America”

Black History Month 2014: “Civil Rights in America”To mark the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s Association for the Study of African Life and History has chosen “Civil Rights in America” as its overarching theme for Black History Month 2014.

Accept This One Truth…

Accept this one can make a world of difference in the choices that you make - and in the overall well-being of your life. You are loved. You've always been loved - despite circumstances that may have dictated will always be loved. Live like you know it! It changes everything! Happy Valentines Day! [...]

A Simple Note

My simple note is this - I realize that the 7 nominees that I chose for The Field of Flowers Award are perhaps overwhelmed with blogging activity, ministry, photo shoots, etc.The acceptance of the aforementioned is fun, challenging & takes time. Know that my mention of you (blog links) as I participated in the acceptance [...]

The Field of Flowers Award

I am honored (tickled) that Jeni Running Brook would mention my name in The Field of Flowers Award. “Being thought of” is a blessing - bringing those thoughts to life (the gift of giving) – is inspiring. My brief interaction with Running Brook has been heartfelt.Thank you for thinking of me Jeni. In response to [...]

Love is…

Love is the message that we give when without words we demonstrate open hearts & open arms. Love reminds us that we can be patient with others when they disappoint us. Someone has demonstrated patience towards us, as we too can cause disappointment. Love encourages us to give the benefit of the doubt, despite appearances. [...]

Black History Month 2014: 30 Inspirational Quotes From Black American Leaders

Black History Month 2014: 30 Inspirational Quotes From Black American Leaders. Black History Month remains an important moment for America to celebrate the achievements and contributions black Americans have played in U.S. history. Arising out of "Negro History Week," which first began in the 1920s, February has since been designated as Black History Month by every [...]

Time Alone…An Emotional Break

We are wise to give ourselves an emotional break. Time alone is essential, as it allows for soul searching, self -awareness, growth, and the many other factors that come to assist us in becoming more personally developed & accountable with our choices. Example: It's interesting how we allow ourselves to enter into new relationships (having [...]