My Journey of Healing ~Part 2

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I empathize (not condone) with those who have long forgotten how to live beyond the IMPACT of abuse…further destroying themselves & others in their path. Perhaps it’s too difficult to LET GO of the pain. Such is the case of the young man recently in the news for beating an elderly priest. The priest allegedly abused the young man & his brother during their younger years. The list goes on & on with victims of childhood sexual abuse becoming vigilantes or perpetrators.

While I’ve noticed that many who have been hurt by abuse share similar challenges – shame, feelings of worthlessness or other – our stories are different. Therefore, each individual deserves the right to open up & talk when they are ready to do so.

Healing from childhood trauma takes time, we heal & process differently. Nevertheless, PROLONGED stay in painful memories further creates emotional dis-ease.

It has taken me years of responding to the inner-voice of Divine counsel (Holy Spirit) – becoming aware of myself, accepting myself, flaws and all – that has permitted this soul to experience healing as its reality!!

When I speak of the past I speak of its IMPACT & focus on the process of regaining hope, love, a sense of purpose, healing & forgiveness. I’ve listed numerous resources on this site.

…With God all things are possible” ~Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

Life without the IMPACT of abuse is POSSIBLE!

You are not alone~

Focus on the process of regaining hope…~

You’re welcome to leave your thoughts & insights. Thank you for your visit. Live wise & live well.~Storm

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3 thoughts on “My Journey of Healing ~Part 2

  1. As a woman that has been able to forgive those that have hurt her, in my case, my father and my mother…I have been able to let go completely and say – I hold no ill thoughts toward you. IT was quite cleansing to say it out loud and finally mean it. Thank you for sharing Stormie… mari


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