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We are sure to repeat any lesson that’s taught in the classroom if learning has not taken place…learning through daily living is no different.

“How many books can I read?”, a student might ask. The teacher usually responds kindly with, “As many as you want, but I will ask you about EVERY story that you read.”. We all know what the teacher was looking for right? Here it comes, the big “C” word – COMPREHENSION! I laugh as I write, because I too was one of those students EXCITED about reading lots & lots of books! I loved learning (still do), yet I was met with hesitation & fear about being asked about the details of my adventures in reading. COMPREHENSION was such a BIG word, I wasn’t sure if my answers would meet my teacher’s satisfaction.

Life asks of us no less as we travel through our daily experiences -“What are you learning?, What did you get from that experiences?, Is the situation healthy or unhealthy? What role are you playing?, What is the moral of the story?”

When each question is answered with affirming conviction – one that demonstrates an understanding, followed by the application of wisdom within our daily affairs, it’s clear that we are learning – COMPREHENDING. If we are CLUELESS, as we all have been at times, we take the course again. Perhaps our attention span is lacking in focus.

As we pay attention to our choices, to the stories or experiences that we create – the characters woven around us & the morals that they produce (or lack thereof) – we gain a better perspective on the importance of LEARNING. COMPREHEND?

“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.” ~Proverbs 1:5 (ESV)


I am open to learn through my daily choices – through questions, examination & application~

I learn more of myself as I interact with life, and with those within my life~

I am focused on gaining information/insight from my experiences~

Are you asking questions of yourself…are you learning?

You are always welcome to share your insights and your thoughts. Thank you for allowing Life Through The Storm to be a healthy part of your day.~

Live wise and live well. ~Storm

2 thoughts on “Comprehension…

  1. It’s great to finally learn something from a certain situation; to comprehend; to modify ones behaviour; to make a different set of choices and not have to “take the course again”. Have a lovely weekend Stormie. 🙂


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