Lessons from Nature

Lessons from Nature

It was late spring last year – Jim (my husband) and I pulled into our driveway when we noticed a mother doe and what appeared to be, her newborn fawn. It was such a beautiful nature moment, so much that I continued to look at both animals as we continued down our long driveway. Then I noticed, the mother seemed somewhat bewildered, as though she was attempting to relay a message – my human interpretation. I mentioned this to Jim while he was yet driving, before he could park the car…the mother doe had abandoned her fawn. In amazement, I said, “The mother just ran off!”

Neither one of us entered the house, as our investigative spirits were on! We didn’t know if the fawn was injured or if something else had happened. Jim decided to walk near the field in an attempt to look for the fawn in the lot next to ours. The grass was pretty high, which made the area secluded. He walked slowly looking for the baby animal along beside the high grass. Within minutes, the fawn wobbled out of hiding and began walking next to Jim…this was too cute. Jim then was able to confirmed that it was indeed a newborn fawn. We referred to it as “she”…although we had no clue of its gender.

Nature friends (as we call them ) visit us on a regular basis and often sleep right outside the front door. Throughout the year we are blessed with the presence of wild turkey and deer. Upon our usual arrival, the deer lightly run to the vacant field and watch us as we head into our home and continue their business. So for us to view what we assumed was abandonment was unusual. This was also the first time that either of us had seen a newborn fawn within hours of its birth.

Our first year here, we found the carcass of a new born fawn in our yard (torn), that experience heightened our concerned for this new fragile creature. Within 20 minutes, I felt it was important to call animal control. Jim in the mean time, cleared one of the old fenced-in areas in the back yard – removing the high grass, branches and other debris – we wanted to protect the animal. He then gently carried the baby to the safe cleared spot. We both felt that it was our duty and privilege to guard the young life now in our care.

Our new little friend was safe and fenced in; however, it seemed to prefer being closest to the leaves and branches that remained in its surrounding. Jim asked me if we had any milk, to which I replied, “Yes, evaporated milk, but no bottles”.

At my motherly suggestion, he immediately left to go and purchase a couple of baby bottles – we both assumed that the fawn needed to feed – human thinking. In the meantime, I made several calls to animal control and researched other possible outlets of rescue on the internet to no avail. I was referred numerous times via voice messages to a least 5 other places, including the sheriff’s department. I left our number with several offices in hopes of someone calling us soon.

When Jim returned with the bottles I tried to feed the fawn, “she” wasn’t having it (although I did not know if it were male or female). After several attempts I didn’t force things. I spoke to “her” as best as I could in an effort to comfort “her”, “We’re just humans trying to help you, it’s going to be OK.” The baby simply curled in its seeming preferred place…closer to the high weeds that remained.

It was after 10:00pm when the rescue response call finally came in. Mary, the caller on the other end (not her real name) was hesitant to call due to the late evening hour, but took a chance. During the call, we learned that Mary had an animal sanctuary. Jim repeated the aforementioned story to Mary, who seemed to scold him for taking the fawn from the place where its mom had left it. She also instructed him to “think about it”, regarding my failed attempt to feed the baby animal milk -“It could have caused some serious infections or put the fawn at risk by becoming dependent on humans for food. Humans often interfere with good intentions, when in fact they’re placing the animal in harm’s way.”

The lessons from nature were invaluable that night – after a doe gives birth, she nurses her young and permits it to rest in a secluded place of safety, she then leaves and seeks a place of rest and nourishment for herself. The mother is not too far away and will eventually return. Mary’s further instructions, “Leave the animal to nature for its best chances of survival”. As I listened to Jim’s response to Mary, it was clear by his questions and comments that he was quite humbled, appreciative and educated. He later said that her tone changed after his response. Before ending their call, Mary instructed Jim to release the fawn from the fence, and return it to place where its mom had left it.

We were yet concerned for the fawn, as it was dark outside – very dark and nearing mid-night. Regardless, Jim followed Mary’s instructions. Within 10 minutes, Mary’s words rang true, the mother deer returned! It was a sight to see – the perfect ending to a beautiful story…mother and fawn were reunited.

Lessons from nature – every living creature potentially evolves in an environment of challenges suited for its optimum development. Our well-intended intervention could have interrupted the natural process for learning the basics of survival and independence.

Another lesson learned.

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Aging – an inescapable reality. No matter what we do, we can’t stop its inevitable occurrence. It’s a flow of nature rich & textured. The result of experience, learning, growing…becoming.

True, there are products, techniques and all sorts of stuff on the market that seem to slow down the process – yet, nothing can ultimately wipe aging off of its Divine course!

So, here’s my take on aging. It’s a good, simmered state of being! It is in this place of being that I touch what youth could not have possibly instilled within my essence – a grounded sense of purpose & honor for the person referred to as Stormie Gale.

Have I always been so accepting of aging? Well, I never really took the matter serious until I turned 50. It was then that I began to feel that “a change was a coming”. Mostly, accepting that certain seasons & chapters in my life were closing. This of course meant facing many fears & concerns. In the same breath, anticipating the creation of new seasons & chapters.

Here are some of the changes that aging has brought to my world. Facial lines: I define my facial lines as soft, subtle & sweet. The grays (which I refuse to color) – are nice – I really do like them. Wild…but, I like them! As a matter of fact, I’ve discovered silver, a few platinum & reddish brown hairs too – naturel highlights. Hips are wider, other physical changes going on in the mid-section (working it out & off). Overall, I am grateful that this body has been a healthy carriage for so many years.

It’s evident that the aging process warrants me to gradually slow down & readjust how daily living is to be approached, I choose to go with the flow. No more multitasking, one thing at a time. It’s a safe formula that allows for much appreciation by staying present with my many moments.

Additionally, if I previously thought that emotional accountability was a wise choice – even more so now. No time to waste when it comes to my emotional health. It really does affect physical health.

No botox, fillers, or surgery allowed! The so called “fountain of youth” has become an industry that lures those who question themselves and their worth into a fountain of physical distortion. No judgment, a mere observation.

I’ve learned to graciously accept all that I am – my body, my skin, my hair – and all that I am not. If I can accentuate, change or enhance things (adjust my diet, decrease stress levels, balance weight…), I will – but not against the natural course.

The aging process is a beautiful & engaging unfolding – I welcome it’s multiple layered blossoms.

What about you…what are your thoughts on aging?

You’re welcome to share your thoughts & wisdom.Thank you for your visit to Life Through The Storm
Live wise, live well & be encouraged to age graciously. ~Storm

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Embed from Getty Images It’s no light matter observing oneself live throughout the inevitable & sometimes inexplicable currents of life. Each current (experience) is designed to enhance our awakening. We don’t have to run because of fear, nor hide behind any emotion that denies our humanity.

Learn to listen to the voice of counsel within (The Holy Spirit), draw upon its wisdom.

Affirm – “I can bring healing perspective & balance to any inner-dis-ease that attempts to thwart my evolution!” Thank God for that resurrecting truth!

God has made it possible for us to awaken from strongholds that distort the truth of who we are!! Thank God that we are more than our experiences alone!

As you awaken, permit nothing, or no one to sway you from honoring the most valuable gift of all – you!

Remember that no relationship or any other event is worth the sacrifice of your spiritual or emotional well-being! However, if you find yourself swaying (as we all can) – stop…reclaim yourself, you are a worthy investment! Awaken…

Thanks for stopping by today. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

Lesson Learned

I’ve learned many lessons in the course of my life, especially as it relates to interacting with others. One such lesson in particular – I can’t tell any body what to do, or imply what they should do!

Well, I can – but, it behooves me to be aware of the fact that I really don’t know what anybody should do!

I am not exactly sure when I was convinced to apply this lesson, perhaps it was when I found myself stretching & deep breathing for several hours after speaking with a loved one (totally stressed)! Learning to mind my own business has granted me much peace of mind!

We process and work through our challenges very differently. This approach is based on who we are – that being a collection of our beliefs, thoughts & perceptions. While I do believe that each one us holds invaluable information – we must remember that it was resulted through the “process of learning”…covered by mercy & grace.

I’ve learned that people grow and evolve when they are ready to do so, or when life’s circumstances push them toward the threshold of change.

What lessons have you learned?

You’re always welcome to share your thoughts & insights. Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

We Can’t Avoid being Human

No matter how developed, talented, educated, skilled or intuitive we are or become…we can not avoid being human. Humans by nature are flawed beings – we all have idiosyncrasies, habits and things about us that are imperfect. We sometimes annoy people (intentionally & unintentionally), and sometimes people annoy us. We poop, tinkle and poot…thank God for healthy functions!!

Individually – we’re unique and complex in a variety of ways – we are human! We all have failures and successes – beauty, as well as some not so beautiful attributes about us – it is meant to be this way…God ordered. No matter the color of our skin, country of origin, height, the size of our body, or our social economic status – we share human commonalities.

With that being said – the more we attempt to hide being naturally who we are (flawed-), the more we delay our process of moving into wholeness and well-being. Denying (refusing to face) the stuff that we contribute to the cycles that we create – broken relationships, emotional challenges, blame, playing the victim card, fear or other – adds fuel to the fire.

As a matter of fact – the drama that we say we would rather avoid, follows our every move. We carry every single piece of who we are (the collection of our beliefs and thoughts) into our every encounter!

Because we are meant to be whole – any action/response that is less than that – creates inner dis-ease, inner-conflict, personality disorders, depression (sometimes long term), stress and other set-backs. Sometimes we hide from ourselves and others because we’re afraid of rejection. No need for fear – God has our back!

Wholeness is our Divine right – our pathway into creating order and balance for our lives. We were made in the image of God – and that image dwells inside of us – waiting to be realized & visualized.

No matter what we do…we can’t avoid being human.

Live wise and determine to live well. ~Storm