Lessons from Nature

It was late spring last year - Jim (my husband) and I pulled into our driveway when we noticed a mother doe and what appeared to be, her newborn fawn. It was such a beautiful nature moment, so much that I continued to look at both animals as we continued down our long driveway. Then [...]


It's no light matter observing oneself live throughout the inevitable & sometimes inexplicable currents of life. Each current (experience) is designed to enhance our awakening. We don't have to run because of fear, nor hide behind any emotion that denies our humanity. Learn to listen to the voice of counsel within (The Holy Spirit), draw [...]

Lesson Learned

I've learned many lessons in the course of my life, especially as it relates to interacting with others. One such lesson in particular - I can't tell any body what to do, or imply what they should do! Well, I can - but, it behooves me to be aware of the fact that I really [...]

We Can’t Avoid being Human

No matter how developed, talented, educated, skilled or intuitive we are or become...we can not avoid being human. Humans by nature are flawed beings - we all have idiosyncrasies, habits and things about us that are imperfect. We sometimes annoy people (intentionally & unintentionally), and sometimes people annoy us. We poop, tinkle and poot...thank God [...]