We Can’t Avoid being Human

No matter how developed, talented, educated, skilled or intuitive we are or become…we can not avoid being human. Humans by nature are flawed beings – we all have idiosyncrasies, habits and things about us that are imperfect. We sometimes annoy people (intentionally & unintentionally), and sometimes people annoy us. We poop, tinkle and poot…thank God for healthy functions!!

Individually – we’re unique and complex in a variety of ways – we are human! We all have failures and successes – beauty, as well as some not so beautiful attributes about us – it is meant to be this way…God ordered. No matter the color of our skin, country of origin, height, the size of our body, or our social economic status – we share human commonalities.

With that being said – the more we attempt to hide being naturally who we are (flawed-), the more we delay our process of moving into wholeness and well-being. Denying (refusing to face) the stuff that we contribute to the cycles that we create – broken relationships, emotional challenges, blame, playing the victim card, fear or other – adds fuel to the fire.

As a matter of fact – the drama that we say we would rather avoid, follows our every move. We carry every single piece of who we are (the collection of our beliefs and thoughts) into our every encounter!

Because we are meant to be whole – any action/response that is less than that – creates inner dis-ease, inner-conflict, personality disorders, depression (sometimes long term), stress and other set-backs. Sometimes we hide from ourselves and others because we’re afraid of rejection. No need for fear – God has our back!

Wholeness is our Divine right – our pathway into creating order and balance for our lives. We were made in the image of God – and that image dwells inside of us – waiting to be realized & visualized.

No matter what we do…we can’t avoid being human.

Live wise and determine to live well. ~Storm

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