Lesson Learned

I’ve learned many lessons in the course of my life, especially as it relates to interacting with others. One such lesson in particular – I can’t tell any body what to do, or imply what they should do!

Well, I can – but, it behooves me to be aware of the fact that I really don’t know what anybody should do!

I am not exactly sure when I was convinced to apply this lesson, perhaps it was when I found myself stretching & deep breathing for several hours after speaking with a loved one (totally stressed)! Learning to mind my own business has granted me much peace of mind!

We process and work through our challenges very differently. This approach is based on who we are – that being a collection of our beliefs, thoughts & perceptions. While I do believe that each one us holds invaluable information – we must remember that it was resulted through the “process of learning”…covered by mercy & grace.

I’ve learned that people grow and evolve when they are ready to do so, or when life’s circumstances push them toward the threshold of change.

What lessons have you learned?

You’re always welcome to share your thoughts & insights. Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

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