Embed from Getty Images It’s no light matter observing oneself live throughout the inevitable & sometimes inexplicable currents of life. Each current (experience) is designed to enhance our awakening. We don’t have to run because of fear, nor hide behind any emotion that denies our humanity.

Learn to listen to the voice of counsel within (The Holy Spirit), draw upon its wisdom.

Affirm – “I can bring healing perspective & balance to any inner-dis-ease that attempts to thwart my evolution!” Thank God for that resurrecting truth!

God has made it possible for us to awaken from strongholds that distort the truth of who we are!! Thank God that we are more than our experiences alone!

As you awaken, permit nothing, or no one to sway you from honoring the most valuable gift of all – you!

Remember that no relationship or any other event is worth the sacrifice of your spiritual or emotional well-being! However, if you find yourself swaying (as we all can) – stop…reclaim yourself, you are a worthy investment! Awaken…

Thanks for stopping by today. Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

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