New resolutions require commitment, focus, discipline, and conviction!

New resolutions command that we live what we profess to believe.

As we demand of ourselves the thing that we can be/do…new resolutions, especially healthy ones…will make a world of difference.

Wishing you balance and wellbeing in the coming year! ~Storm

Happy New Year!

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Christian Artist Feature – Stormie Steele

Seizing the time to share our gifts with others is one beautiful art form! Thanks for taking the time John, May your efforts prosper!~Storm

The Artistic Christian


“Being a practitioner of the Christian faith is an art form…”

Stormie Steele


For the very first article in my Christian Artist FeatureSeries I had the pleasure of interviewing Stormie Steele, author of Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey. As a holistic life counselor, speaker, author, blogger, teaching artist, and drum circle facilitator, Stormie has found a variety of ways to use her talents to glorify God and help to bring healing into the lives of other people.

Without a doubt, Stormie views herself as a Christian first, and an artist second. “Honestly, I’ve never considered myself to be a Christian artist,” she explains. “I am a Christian, who happens to be an artist.”

This perspective has made a powerful impact on Stormie’s work. “I am committed to living and applying my Christian faith in whatever I do – personally, professionally, relationally, etc.” says Stormie. “As…

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Christian Artist Feature…

Take a look John Mark Miller’s blog.

I was honored to be interviewed by such a talented writer, commentator and Christian artist -John Mark Miller!

Blessings on all of your efforts John. Thanks for the opportunity!

To keep up with all of the featured Christian Artist articles at The Artistic Christian, periodically check his “Christian Artist Features” page.

If you’re a Christian Artist who would like to appear in a feature article, simply send an e-mail to and a list of interview questions will be sent to you.

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It’s Here! The Healing Journey…

It’s Here!


Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey (A 21 Day Collection of Insight Principles), is my first ebook release.

One may ask, why 21 days? And the conventional answer could be that research shows that an erroneous habit can be changed to a positive one given 21 days of practice. However, historic documentation shows us that healing can take anywhere from an instant to many years. It actually depends on the faith, wisdom and determination of the practitioner and/or healing agent. In this case the healing agent is oneself, not the physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counselor: It is the reader of this book, along with the supreme creative power of the universal Creator of all things (seen and unseen, Heb.11:3) – the one we refer to as God – the source of all health, healing, wholeness, vitality and life. ~Rev. Dr. JV Steele

The Healing Journey encourages the seeker to listen to the voice of Divine counsel – that “still small voice” that attempts to correct inner-conflict.

The Healing Journey is a journey of courage – one that challenges the seeker to modify old beliefs and adapt to new found revelations that encourage the development of mind, body & soul integration – Divine entitlement!

Sample, review or purchase your copy of Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey

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Life’s Currents…

Life’s currents are faithful.
No matter the season…she compels us forward. She holds true to her rhythm, her seasons – her timing is impeccable.

Whosoever has ears to hear, and eyes to see, embraces her challenges. Where will you run, where will you hide?

We do good to trust life’s currents.
Her cues are dependable and consistent.

Within her flow is Divine due.

Ride, ride, ride – purpose has not left your side!
Ride, ride, ride – the waves produce structure, not destruction!

Life’s currents are full of mercy, compassion and grace.
Ever luring us closer and closer to our Maker.

Stormie Steele ~Life’s Current/copyright 2009 – 2014 revisions