It’s Here! The Healing Journey…

It’s Here!


Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey (A 21 Day Collection of Insight Principles), is my first ebook release.

One may ask, why 21 days? And the conventional answer could be that research shows that an erroneous habit can be changed to a positive one given 21 days of practice. However, historic documentation shows us that healing can take anywhere from an instant to many years. It actually depends on the faith, wisdom and determination of the practitioner and/or healing agent. In this case the healing agent is oneself, not the physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counselor: It is the reader of this book, along with the supreme creative power of the universal Creator of all things (seen and unseen, Heb.11:3) – the one we refer to as God – the source of all health, healing, wholeness, vitality and life. ~Rev. Dr. JV Steele

The Healing Journey encourages the seeker to listen to the voice of Divine counsel – that “still small voice” that attempts to correct inner-conflict.

The Healing Journey is a journey of courage – one that challenges the seeker to modify old beliefs and adapt to new found revelations that encourage the development of mind, body & soul integration – Divine entitlement!

Sample, review or purchase your copy of Life Through The Storm ~The Healing Journey

20% Discount Code #GT68B & Introductory Price through December 31st!

24 thoughts on “It’s Here! The Healing Journey…

        1. 🙂 I believe that you can download it on your PC, or laptop (don’t hold me to it though).

          I am not completely sold on ebooks – however, I do feel (learned) that it’s a good investment.

          Again, I share your sentiments. – the feel of “pages turning” is a good investment too! Thank you for your support John. ~Storm

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  1. I am so excited that Stormie Steele has penned this revelation of wisdom and knowledge. Her “Life through the Storm ” CD was a feast for the faithful as well as those who have lost their faith. I couldn’t keep a copy once someone heard it! I will be purchasing this book. Blessings on you Stormie!

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