Christian Artist Feature – Stormie Steele

Seizing the time to share our gifts with others is one beautiful art form! Thanks for taking the time John, May your efforts prosper!~Storm

The Artistic Christian


“Being a practitioner of the Christian faith is an art form…”

Stormie Steele


For the very first article in my Christian Artist FeatureSeries I had the pleasure of interviewing Stormie Steele, author of Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey. As a holistic life counselor, speaker, author, blogger, teaching artist, and drum circle facilitator, Stormie has found a variety of ways to use her talents to glorify God and help to bring healing into the lives of other people.

Without a doubt, Stormie views herself as a Christian first, and an artist second. “Honestly, I’ve never considered myself to be a Christian artist,” she explains. “I am a Christian, who happens to be an artist.”

This perspective has made a powerful impact on Stormie’s work. “I am committed to living and applying my Christian faith in whatever I do – personally, professionally, relationally, etc.” says Stormie. “As…

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