You are the one and only you. You are an original!

You can’t possibly be you if you’re pretending to be. You can only be you when you choose to be. When you make up your mind to become aware of…accept, love and deal with you!

You are not the substance of things and stuff. You are more than that. Their words (whose ever they are) form only what you permit.

You are beautiful. Your essence shines as rare as the finest of all finds. You are the wonder and awe of His design…you!

“For in Him we live, move and have our being…” ~Acts 17:28

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Stormie Steele/you/copyright 2015

3 thoughts on “You…

    1. I appreciate your authenticity Eliza. Love alone is the covering, the antidote that assists us in accepting (not condoning) the “not so nice traits about being human”. This is my experience.

      “Begin and End with Love” – Love teaches us to respect & honor the sacredness of becoming…transforming from one state of being to another. ~Storm


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