* Inspiration – Truth

An infusion of knowing is indeed beyond reason, it is faith. Insightful post…

Find Your Middle Ground

path to truth

“There are three levels of truth:

experience, reasoning, and knowing.

All other assertions should be rejected.”

The first type of truth is from our direct experience.

The second type is truth gained from reasoning and analysis.

The third type of truth is different from the first two. This is the way of spiritual knowing. Meditation gives one perceptions of absolute certainty. This knowledge is beyond words, description and rationalization There is no need for other investigations.

In fact, one must be careful not to let the fruits of one’s meditations pass into the realm of rationalization. To avoid doubt and conflicting opinions, followers of Tao keep their revelations and spiritual knowing to themselves.

Deng Ming-Dao from 365 Tao

Such an interesting perspective that I can understand… The more we try to analyze a truth beyond analysis, the more doubt and confusion arises in the mind.

The answer lies beyond the ego…

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