Laughter ~Release!


For brief moments, laughter defies our fears, insecurities and anxieties – leaving us open – totally vulnerable!

Laughter, releasing tears of joy is an instantaneous inner-cleansing…an offering of in the moment healing. ~Storm

Stormie Steele Laughter/copyright 2014
Image Author Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Laughter ~Release!

  1. Lovely, rich. I didn’t want to send you the whole post Why We Read. A clip right along these lines:

    “Suffering and beauty lift us out of self-absorption to something greater than ourself. Even humor, a touch of beauty for its dip into joy, helps us get over our bad self for the moment. There is lightness. Life isn’t all about shuffling along under a load. We can set it down. Trust that Someone or something’s got our back – God or friend or peace with self.”


    1. This is true…appropriately stated. ~ Thank you for sharing this! There will always be brief moments of release and relief for us as we open ourselves to “live”…God’s provision is a part of every season.


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