The Silence…


The silence welcomes me into a non-judgemental posture of living & being, separating me from mental activity. Not as though I have no cares – rather, the silence teaches me the beauty of detachment & watchfulness. So I sit…paying close attention to the instruction of silence.

I find it needful to separate myself from the noise of outer influences, from the voices of friends and loved ones. I pray, meditate, breathe deeply and explore new ways in which I can development a more centered place of dwelling!

Within the silence arises the strength to maintain individuality – the wisdom to exist through the labyrinth of daily living.

I welcome the silence, it is the place of preparation – a place of healing, discovery and restoration.

The silence exposes hidden debris & reveals precious finds!

Do you welcome the silence?

Wishing you balance & well-being. ~Storm

  • Image by Pamela’s Freshlook Photography

Stormie Steele ~All rights reserved/the silence 2014

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