Simply Merely…

Enjoy being you, simply merely... Give thanks for your life, and all that it entails - simply merely... Appreciate how far you've come, simply merely... Take little for granted, simply merely... Permit the quiet to envelop you, simply merely... "Now" offers you this moment, simply merely... Simply merely/copyright 2015

Judgment or Critiquing?

When we judge ourselves we often criticize the inevitable flaws and imperfections that come along with being human. The nature of judgment usually comes without the covering of compassion & love. Critiquing on the other hand can be quite useful, as it more constructive in its nature - creating room for improvement. The words that [...]

Speak Life…

#480833837 / We can't control the thoughts or the behavior of others, we can only control our own. As we live, interacting with others and life's rhythm (the expected and the unexpected), it behooves us to pay attention to ourselves and to lock in place a philosophy of principals that speak life, balance and [...]

Forgiveness & Unforgiveness

When someone offends us, whether it's real or perceived – its impact is left within our hearts, our words and our lives. The stain of unforgiveness is's time consuming! Unforgiveness ties up our emotional well-being in ways that hinder many other areas in our lives, inhibiting spiritual & personal development. When I've been offended, [...]

Right Where You Are…

Have you ever wished to just get through a particular experience? Wanting it to be over? I have too! It is in those times that God reminds me - there's a message especially for you, right where you are. Wherever life has you...consider it to be a place of invaluable worth. It's often through some [...]