Right Where You Are…

Have you ever wished to just get through a particular experience? Wanting it to be over? I have too! It is in those times that God reminds me – there’s a message especially for you, right where you are. Wherever life has you…consider it to be a place of invaluable worth.


It’s often through some of the most challenging places that we find the greater of who we are & of who we are capable of becoming. If we are willing (available) to learn, then right where we are is a great place to start the work. Becoming is now!

In the twinkling of an eye, at moment’s notice – possibility becomes realized! Capture it…seize it, right where you are!

“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” ~Mark 10:27 (NIV)

Right where you are/copyright 2014

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