Rest is essential as we move through daily living. Rest is that portal that paves way for clarity.

Rest prepares us to hear – assisting in the emptying of debris and concerns that ignite stress.

Rest is the commanding of inner peace, perspective and order.

Rest allows us to heal…to re-access and often, re-prioritize our approach towards particulars.

Rest permits us to maintain (as best as possible) optimum health…mind, body, spirit.

Whether we choose prayer, meditation, a nature hike, or simply kick back on some relaxing music…rest is the tool that refuels momentum!

Are you resting?

Wishing you balance and wellbeing. Storm

Rest/copyright 2015


There’s so much to learn and gather from each experience that engulfs us. Much to learn from every person with whom we interact, whether that interaction is prolonged or brief.

We have choices.

What are we really practicing? Who are we choosing to be…or not to be?

We choose…

Choose to live healthy, wise & whole. ~Storm

Choose/copyright 2014