3 Day Quote Challenge ~1

Thanks to Phoebe (www.phoebemd.com) for the “quote challenge” invite, expressing words of healing.

Poetry is indeed medicine, yet – without proper adherence to the “prescribed dosage”, the benefits thereof can often be delayed, if not altogether lost.

In many instances, emotional healing or otherwise, is in the hands of the one desiring such (physician heal thyself).

To engage the “quote challenge”, I select www.visionairekindness.com, www.elizawaters.wordpress.com and www.nomzikumalo.wordpress.com

I honor each artist’s/writer’s/gardener’s/poet’s work and deem each to process the right amount of offerings that lend toward the healing arts ministry.

That which is termed “good for the soul”, is worthy of daily use. Poetry as medicine is suggested.

The following is my 3 day contribution (1 per day) to Phoebe’s “quote challenge”.

Words heal, complete, solidify and abundantly create.

Words destroy, hurt and pollute. Than again, words go as far as the speaker or recipient of such allows.

Stormie Steele/words copyright 2016

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