Set The Tone…

We can, if we’re willing and available, make healthy and wise decisions for our lives. Whether we choose to do so remains to be demonstrated, especially if we’ve chosen less than best for ourselves.

We set the tone – personally, relationally, spiritually and otherwise. Those with whom we interact are usually following our lead.

Be determined, take full responsibility for your space, your time…you’re worth it. You’ve always been worth it.

Set the tone for your healthiest now. ~Storm

Stormie Steele (c) set the tone 2014

14 thoughts on “Set The Tone…

  1. I was thinking to today about choices of thought. Even when we feel stressed from external conditions, it is our CHOICE to feel stressed. I expect folks would deny that they CHOOSE stress, but in a way they do. Changing their POV could alleviate or lessen the stress level and thus its harmful effects.


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