The Unexpected…

Life has a way getting our attention. It is often through the unexpected that we gain the resurrection of strength, courage & a profound ability to become more than we could have possibly imagined.

It’s often through the unexpected that life & purpose becomes evident. There’s always more than meets the eye taking its timely place.

At times, it behooves us to welcome the unexpected.

Speak life, think well…believe. ~Storm

The unexpected/copyright 2014

12 thoughts on “The Unexpected…”

  1. Hello Stormie,I love all of your positive messages. Whenever I read a message from you ,it is always on time for me.I will continue to look for unexpected blessings. Thank you Stormie ,for sharing your beautiful thoughts with me and the world. I love you!! Blessings!!!

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  2. I wrote about this in my blog a while ago, but I’d like to share it here. To explain certain events in my life, I developed my own terms. The first is a God-prod, when I feel a tremendous push to do something, even though I have no idea why, that propels me into a positive change demanding that I explore new territory. The second is a a God-shot, when something inexplicable happens to clear and show me the way. I have made, and will probably continue to do so, mistakes, but I am who and what I am, I believe, from those blessed “shots.”


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