A Worthy Journey…

Life is no respecter of persons – there are no perfect lives. At best, we are left in charge of learning and growing through our experiences. This alone makes us and our respective journey’s worthy.

We’re all met with the expected, as well as the unexpected – joys, disappointments, failures and successes. A perfect dosage to create balance.

While such is the case, the constant and inevitable changes that swiftly cross our paths bring tidings worthy of our attention…our pursuit. You are worthy, your life is worthy…your journey is worthy.

Have you deemed your journey worthy?

Wishing you balance and wellbeing. ~Stormie Steele

Stormie Steele/worthy, worthy, worthy (c) 2016

7 thoughts on “A Worthy Journey…

    1. To feel yourself “unknot” is an empowering position to be in…remind yourself as often as needed that such ability is within your charge.

      I always appreciate your words, and your visit! πŸ™‚


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