surrender now

As we learn to trust in God, we enter into a rest – one that quietens us from fear and anxiety’s rush.

When we rest…the mind, body and the spirit surrenders and accepts, all is in Divine order.

Have you found a place of rest?

Wishing you balance and well-being. ~ Stormie Steele

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 All rights reserved 2014

3 thoughts on “Rest…

    1. “Searching for God’s face is an ongoing journey…” Shun.
      Yet, as we permit ourselves to “be” (at best) the little that we’ve come to know God to “be”, we become vessels (demonstrators) of God’s presence in the earth. Such a position of “being-ness” prompts a continued “rest”, consoling the soul that the journey…is all. Thank you for your thoughts, ~Storm

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