Tears can be useful…a form of relief, healing and cleansing. Pour it out, let it go…~Stormie Steele

~Journey of Forgiveness – print

~The Journey of Forgiveness – ebook

~The Healing Journey – print

~The Healing Journey – ebook

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17 thoughts on “Tears…

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    1. Amen, freedom indeed.🙏🏽 It’s all too easy for many of us to fall for the “supposed to, and should” of our world, whenever we do, we enter into the stuff that contradicts the whole of who we are.

      God “desires truth in the inner parts”, Lord “Jesus wept”. To withhold ourselves from being touched by the simplest to the greatest of events is to deny entry into greater possibilities with self, God and our fellowman. Thank you for taking the time✨~Storm

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  2. Cleansing tears have been coming of late and I am just allowing them to BE. So much has been torn apart within since the passing of my Dad. Slowly the pieces of me are being reconstructed in a New Way, and something in the process is powerfully being revealed. Sending Much Love to you this day, my friend. (((HUGS))) Amy

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