Loyalties, no matter how well intended, can often lead us astray. This is especially true whenever we dare consider dismissing core principles, convictions and truths that create spiritual boundaries.

Misguided loyalties blind us, blocking red flags that attempt to inform us of dysfunctional pulls.

Dysfunctional pulls often manifests itself when the heart betrays itself. Such betrayal inevitably creates instability (personal, emotional, relational, etc). Whenever we betray ourselves, it’s painfully interesting how many others are willing to follow our lead.

Stability, contrary to the heart’s misguided advice, validates the inner voice (Holy Spirit) that seeks to heal and restore life-true love and peace.

An unwavering and committed loyalty to that which supports the whole of our well-being warrants an inescapable life-altering change!

Honor your voice, and the guidance of The Holy Spirit-both are off limits to compromise. ~Stormie Steele

Abstracts by Storm

All right reserved/Stormie Steele Loyalties c 2018

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