The Unexpected…

Life has a way getting our attention. It is often through the unexpected that we gain the surge of needed strength, courage and a profound ability to become more than we could have possibly imagined.

It’s often through the unexpected that life and purpose becomes apparent.

At times, it behooves us to welcome the unexpected.

Speak life, think well…believe. ~Storm

Abstracts by Storm

The unexpected/copyright 2014

12 thoughts on “The Unexpected…

  1. Hello Stormie,I love all of your positive messages. Whenever I read a message from you ,it is always on time for me.I will continue to look for unexpected blessings. Thank you Stormie ,for sharing your beautiful thoughts with me and the world. I love you!! Blessings!!!

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  2. I wrote about this in my blog a while ago, but I’d like to share it here. To explain certain events in my life, I developed my own terms. The first is a God-prod, when I feel a tremendous push to do something, even though I have no idea why, that propels me into a positive change demanding that I explore new territory. The second is a a God-shot, when something inexplicable happens to clear and show me the way. I have made, and will probably continue to do so, mistakes, but I am who and what I am, I believe, from those blessed “shots.”


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