When/if God becomes our primary source of focus…love and forgiveness begins to lead us toward reconciliation.

Reconciliation…acceptance of that which is primarily out of our control. Daily living warrants such.

We, nor our loved ones are here to stay, that too must be settled. The realization of much can be discovered/realized through reconciliation.

There are no perfect experiences (lives), we’re wise to accept these truths. Living healthy and productive lives is possible.

Many of us do our best, and fail at giving one or the other the thing that seems deserving. At times, grievances are discussed and healed. Other times, not so. It is then that we conclude the matter through the wisdom of reconciliation-mind, body, spirit wellness.

Reconciliation is a path of priority, perspective and order; a principle of practice. This is especially true when the path is paved with intentions of growth, development and resolve…that of separating ourselves from all appearances of discord – disharmony, doubt, depression, despair, division and other damnable “D” affiliates. ~

That which cannot or won’t be reconciled between/with others can indeed be reconciled within.

Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele

Stormie Steele/life through the storm c 2016

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