Be Still…(repost)


There is a time to “be still”.
A time that requires our engagement of silence…

A time to “be still” – to define absolutely nothing! To clear the self…cleanse the self.

“Be still”/ 2014

Image by Eye of Storm/copyright 2014

14 thoughts on “Be Still…(repost)

  1. Hi Stormie, Always a pleasure to know you are reading my work and it reminds me to look at yours as well since I feel through our writing we know each other already. Your kind words while I was adjusting my spirit to the profound loss of my dearest friend was very comforting and will remember always! So thank you and keep writing you are so special your spirit comes through your website as I hope many are looking at.


    1. Barra , thank you for taking the time to demonstrate “love in action”. Your words are kind and encouraging!

      I too appreciate the gift that you share via blogging. It’s true, there is a connection. πŸ™‚

      It’s touching to know that my words to you at such a time were meaningful.

      Blessings as you continue your journey – grace before you. ~Storm


  2. “Be still” and know that in that moment the Now is present. There is no past, no future, only the “now” that in the next second will be gone.Years ago, a director of a play I was in said, “Play the moment, not the results,” and that has stayed with me for many,many years. We have only this moment in which to be still and listen to our God and our heart.


    1. There is a ‘stillness” that produces more life than we are capable of producing on our own. It can be found as we entrust all of our cares into the hands of the One Who cares for all! I appreciate your thoughts…always. πŸ™‚


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