The Exception…

Storm’s FineArt© 2022

Music from video editing software I own/Final Cut Pro X, LumaFusion and/or VLLO

©An Insightful Moment 2022

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Stormie G.Steele’s ministry (Life Through the Storm/An Insightful Moment) encourages spiritual and personal development into more than 100 countries around the world & growing. Steele holds a Ph.D in holistic life counseling; author, certified life coach and podcast creator/host of An Insightful Moment. Additionally, Steele is a visual artist-certified in art therapy; djembeist (drum circle facilitator), teacher/speaker, certified public speaker & workshop facilitator, certified labor and postpartum doula, vocalist, and Voice-over talent. Stormie enjoys co-ministering with her husband and life partner Rev. Dr. J.V. Steele. They recognize The Holy Spirit as The Supreme Voice of Counsel. The Steele’s are practitioners of mind, body, spirit wellness-teaching on personal and spiritual  development.

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