We hope that you find brief encounters of insight; truths that awaken strength and courage-Divine empowerment that aligns you with healthy and responsible living (mind, body, spirit). 

Counsel in the heart is like deep water, but one of understanding with draw it out.
~Proverbs 20:5

JV and Stormie Steele are practitioners and ordained ministers of the Christian faith-offering Holistic Life and Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling. They acknowledge and believe -The Holy Spirit is The Supreme Voice of Counsel.

Rev. Dr. JV Steele has served as Senior Pastor (Rev. Dr. Stormie Steele ~First Lady). The ministering duo has served in team ministry as Interim Ministers and Interim Spiritual Leaders.

The Steele’s render their services upon request.

Counseling Sessions

Wholeness-an integration of mind, body, spirit wellness.

Counsel in the heart is like deep water, those of understanding will draw it out. ~Proverbs 20:5

Our Pastoral and Spiritual Counseling Sessions are personalized to assist clients in navigating a healthy path of personal/spiritual living.

$100.00 per 45 minute session


Rhythmic Oil

Rhythmic Oil is a musical therapeutic experience aiding the natural course of healing via sound, expression and movement.

The tool, Djembe-West African (Mali) hand drum known as the healing drum. 

Ankle djè anke bè everyone come together in peace.

Rhythmic Oil encourages mind, body, spirit wellbeing;  integrating parts of the self separated by abuse, trauma, low self-esteem or other misrepresentations hindering spiritual & personal development. 

$100.00 per 45 minute session

*Participants are encourage to provide their own drum (optional)

Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling and/or Rhythmic Oil Sessions

Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling sessions are virtual/phone. Rhythmic Oil Sessions are facilitated on-site, travel fees are not included in service fees. Please specify requested service Schedule free 20 minute phone consultation *Covid-19 may delay services