Stormie G. Steele, Ph.D holistic life counselor/ordained minister/author

Stormie’s message—forgiveness and healing. A personal testament of reclaiming life, meaning and purpose. Stormie is a practitioner and ordained ministers of the Christian faith. She acknowledges and believes The Holy Spirit is The Supreme Voice of Counsel. She is a published author, (Life through The Storm~The Healing Journey & The Journey of Forgiveness)—reclaiming her life through healing and forgiveness.

When you’re ready to heal you’ll heal. 

There are no replicas for healing (emotional, mental, spiritual). Academics, name dropping, money in the bank, trending attire, the finest of the finest travels…fine wines, art, cuisines—over indulgences nor under indulgences can replace the necessary work of weeding out—uprooting, and tearing down the temples/idols resurrected to thwart the efforts of wholeness and wellbeing.~Stormie Steele

Stormie has served as alternating interim minister and interim spiritual leader with her husband Rev. Dr. JV Steele—enjoying tag team ministry. She is available for speaking/workshop engagements.

Stormie Steele, Ph.D-Holistic/Spiritual Life Counselor, Author

*Forgiveness Coach

*Workshop Facilitator 


Speaker Requests

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