In Its Time…

The new day brings joy & sadness; life & death, comfort & discomfort...the agreeable & the disagreeable.Let us approach life (each day) with the expectation of good, for in its time that which is contrary shall have its place.Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie

Honor Your Convictions…

Unapologetically, honoring your conviction paves the path of peaceful living and being.It behooves one to be at peace with oneself. Such is no indication of foolish irresponsible living, rather, that of living conscious and accountable before God. ~Stormie SteelePixabay image credit Life Through The Storm 2020

Beliefs, Choices & Decisions

Even if and/or when the majority opposes your beliefs, your choices and decisions...stand on what you’ve learned.In the long and short run of it all, you are left with living with you.Pixabay image credit Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele