Drum Circles

A Drum Circleis a collective voice of creative expression while playing percussion instruments. One such instrument that is often used in Drum Circles is called a djembe. A djembe is a West African hand drum known as the healing drum. Rich in history – it is one of the world’s loudest hand drums.

Storm Drum 1

A Drum Circle is comprised of the unified or collective rhythm of participants coming together for the mere beauty of in the moment collaborations! It’s fun, exciting and liberating. Well led or facilitated Drum Circles are known for offering its participants an unforgettable encounter.

Drum Circles are not about how gifted the players or musicians are, it is not a showcase of talent; rather, it’s an opportunity for the experienced, the inexperienced and all ages to come together while exploring the impact of being on one accord. Well facilitated drum circles nurture respect, safety and encouraged commonality – giving all of its participants a chance to create and demonstrate community.


Participating in Drum Circles can awaken one’s emotional, spiritual and psychological being. Drumming is a way relieve stress.

Stormie Steele facilitates drum circles & uses the djembe as a tool for spiritual and personal development, educational purposes, team building, relaxation or for simple celebrations!

We facilitate Drum Circles that encourage the freedom of spontaneous release! Schedule Your Next Event with Us!

Image of Storm/Steve Roberts Photography

Image of Drums/Eye of Storm Photography


5 thoughts on “Drum Circles

  1. Ah MAAAAN – I so want to do this – this very moment! Got to love drumming.
    I so miss the sounds of the drums.
    Used to live for a while on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe – and every night we would hear the drums and the marimbas going!
    Just epic. Completely homesick now of course


      1. I indeed have – to the core. In fact I am going to be so bold as to say – the rhythms of the African drum beat run through my core. (I miss it – a lot)
        I must paint the colours again sometime I think.
        You have a wonderful sight here 😀


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