I have learned - not saying/doing what I need to say/do when I needed to say/do it, creates a compilation of unwelcomed stuff that confuses the whole of what needed to be said/done in the first place! Understanding is primary!! Understanding potentially diffuses unwarranted extras. In other words-be present with what is needed today or [...]


Both healthy and unhealthy relationships are sustained by thoughts, beliefs, words and practices. Both are watered and fed by consistency. Whether healthy or unhealthy, what are you contributing to your relationships? ~Life Through The Storm All rights reserved/Stormie Steele c 2017

Consider The Challenge

The challenge (whatever it may be), is not meant to discourage - rather, its appointment is meant to encourage character, to strengthen faith and wisdom. Don't be afraid of the challenge, consider it. ~Stormie Steele Google image credit all rights reserved/2014

Relational Rewards…

One of life’s most rewarding treasures-practicing that which develops the entity called “us” to live in one accord. Nothing or no one comes between that sacred space/place except God. Otherwise, that which is called “us” becomes jeopardized. *The aforementioned in no wise condones situations of isolation-aka abuse, or a genuine need to consult counsel. Live [...]