Rhythm Oil Sound Healing

A meditative sound healing experience—relaxation via musical sounds and voice.

Physician heal thyself…Luke 4:23

Rhythmic Oil Sound Healing—a calming meditative healing experience, encouraging deep breathing and relaxation via musical sounds and voice.

Rhythmic Oil Sound Healing enhances mind, body, spirit wellness—promoting spiritual & personal development.

Pastoral Spiritual Counseling

We are a pastoral and spiritual counseling service, encouraging personal responsibility. Our focus is spiritual accountability.

“Physician heal thyself”~Luke 4:23

Our Pastoral and Spiritual Counseling Sessions are personalized to assist clients in navigating a healthy path of personal/spiritual living.

Personal pain nor its memory need not rule our lives indefinitely. We are not bound to live by our negative experiences alone—forgiveness and healing are within reach. ~Jim and Stormie Steele

In addition to Rev. Jim Steele’s Sr. Pastoral role (Stormie, First Lady), the Steele’s have served as alternating interim ministers and interim spiritual leaders—enjoying tag team ministry. Jim and Stormie are available for speaking/workshop engagements.

More About the Steele’s Here

Rev. Dr’s J.V. and Stormie Steele are practitioners and ordained ministers of the Christian faith-offering Holistic Life and Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling. They acknowledge and believe The Holy Spirit is The Supreme Voice of Counsel.

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Certified Labor & Postpartum Doula

The development of new life is a sacred time. Minimizing stress, adhering to proper breathing, attaining rest, diet and all the other factors that aid in the development of a healthy mother and child can take its toll. 

As a certified labor and postpartum doula, I will assist/support clients in achieving the healthiest pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience as possible. Encouraging and partnering with the expectant parent (s) to optimized their choices with available resources for a memorable birth.

Serving West Tennessee 

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