Jazz & Open Genre Voice Improv Performances 

Stormie Steele’s Voice Improv combines a soul rendering creative a cappella and spoken word experience. 

Storm’s vocal Improv—unaccompanied vocals with and without lyrics, original songs, and spoken word—offerings of rich textured vocals woven into multi-layered sacred expressions.


Stormie Steele—Artist, vocalist, songwriter and spoken word expressionist.

Performance Venues

BB Kings

Capriccio’s Lounge

Gibson Guitar Lounge

Issac Hayes


Owen Brennans

Peabody Hotel Lobby

Peabody Rooftop Sunday Brunch

Vocal Work & Studio Recordings

Angelo Rāpan (pianist & Windham Hill artist)

Crossway/Contemporary Christian (Stormie lead vocals/background vocals, writer)

Derrick Jackson (pianist, producer)

Jackson Reasons/Country/Christian

Lavender Soul/Inspiration (Stormie spoken word, duet/background vocals )

Tim El Espada Matthews (guitarist, songwriter) (Stormie duet/background vocals)

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