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It is possible to quieten the self, to bring to surface the soul’s inner collection of wealth. ~Stormie Steele

Storm’s FineArt-a collection of original abstract series-mixed media on canvas

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Life is full of unexpected surprises-believe. ~Stormie Steele

It is beneficial to move as life beckons upon the individual soul. ~Stormie Steele

Artist Statement

My life and creative works pay homage to my soul’s evolution. Life moves me through various phases; broken pieces, fulfillment, the unexpected & hidden riches. On The Potter’s wheel I am sculpted. As a purposed piece of art, the intensity of close-ups, depths and colorful textured experiences blend and bend me perfectly. God’s unconditional love has freed me, healed me and restored me.

As I engage the full palette of my life, possibility/potential is revealed—a cultivated lifestyle of prayer, meditation and meaning; the infusion of an inner-wealth no human achievement alone can craft. This soul/spirit needs harmony, proportion and balance. The Master has a plan; willing participation purifies me, I glorify The Potter’s Hand.


2021 Winter Exhibition The Ned McWhether Cultural Arts Center, Jackson, TN

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Mbabazi House of Style/Memphis, TN

2021 Chocolate Rośe/Memphis, TN

2020 Chocolate Rośe/Memphis, TN

2016 Unity Foyer/Cordova, Tennessee

2004 Antique Gallery/Little Rock, Arkansas

2003 The Patio Store/South End Main Street Gallery District/Memphis, Tennessee

Storm’s FineArt is committed to producing original abstract paintings on canvas. Each work is a one of its kind.

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~Stormie Steele/Storm’s FineArt 2021