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An Insightful Moment

An Insightful Moment is an infusion of grace; a golden nugget of wisdom, knowledge or understanding. It’s designed to usher us forward. I encourage you to seize your insightful moments…as they nurture life; love, hope, personal and spiritual accountability for healthy living (mind, body, spirit). ~Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie G. Steele (podcast)

Whether it’s the 1st delivery, 2nd or other—it’s the 4th trimester. That’s right…the 4th. The next 40 days of nurturing the self whole is essential. 

One of the most trying times after giving birth is the readjustment phase—getting to know the wonder that just entered the world, sibling bonding (if other children are in the family) and most importantly healing (mind, body, spirit). 

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The healing phase takes time—time to rest, time to refuel, time to sleep and time to heal. While a new life can bring unspeakable joy, it can also take a toll on the new parent (s). The raging hormones, emotions combined with additional chores can often feel overwhelming. A postpartum doula can ease the weightiness by taking on some of the burden. Extra assistance in the home can be a welcomed gift. 

Peace, Rest and Calm

Storm’s Postpartum Doula Services/pricing varies per client’s needs

Local Errands

Meal Planning/Cooking

Light House Cleaning

Family Bonding (sibling care)

Hands on Care for Newborn

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The development of new life is a sacred time. Minimizing stress, adhering to proper breathing, attaining rest, diet and all the other factors that aid in the development of a healthy mother and child can take its toll. 

Deciding where the birth will take place can also be challenging. Birthing center, hospital or home (accompanied by a licensed medical professional or mid-wife) are some of your options.

As a certified labor and postpartum doula, I will assist/support clients in achieving the healthiest pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience as possible. Encouraging and partnering with the expectant parent (s) to optimized their choices with available resources for a memorable birth.

Having given natural birth to 4 lovely souls, two home births accompanied by mid-wives, I am honored to be a part of the birthing industry.

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Stormie is a practitioner of mind, body, spirit wellness and enjoys teaching on personal and spiritual  development.

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