We Have Them

We have them. Some seem perfect, while others are obviously imperfect.  They sprinkle in our lives the exact amount of that "something" - paving way for us to become more than average. Perhaps they make us mad, make us cringe, cry and regret. Yet, a multitude of invaluable lessons are resulted as we observe ourselves [...]

The Perfection of Love

The perfection of love announces itself quite often through imperfection. Examining self is the one greatest reminders of such. ~Storm Stormie Steele/the perfection of love (c) 2016 Eye of Storm Image

I Acknowledge You…

I acknowledge you for who you are. Your differences - the uniqueness of your way - your voice, your style, your smile...your love. I like the way you do the thing that you do! I acknowledge you for who you are - as no one can fill your shoes. No one can possibly be the [...]

Why Me…Why Not?

Many of us have wondered, "Why me?" Have you ever wondered "Why not me?" There is purpose through it all. Thank you for visiting Life Through The Storm. Live wise & live well. ~Storm