Time Alone-A New Start/An Emotional Break

The very principals, guidelines and insights that produce personal health and well-being, are the same ones that produce relational health and well-being. The cycle of failed relationships signals caution. We are wise to give ourselves an emotional break. Time alone is essential, as it allows for soul searching, self -awareness, growth, and the many other [...]

A Worthy Investment…

Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend, for you are ever with yourself. You are a worthy investment. Support yourself, forgive yourself...listen to yourself. Be honest to yourself, bless yourself. Accept yourself, develop yourself...honor yourself. You are a worthy investment. Stormie Steele/investment/copyright 2016

Life Is Our Instructor

Life is our Instructor. Our daily encounters, challenges and other situations are our assignments. How we handle ourselves with our assignments is based on our attentiveness/inattentiveness to the lessons. Repetition is not a bad thing. We repeat in order to learn. We go over & over particulars in order to gain some understanding. Life is [...]

Get The Lesson…

The point of re-runs and repetitive cycling-get the lesson. Mercy attempts to awaken the sleeping soul. ~Stormie Steele Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. ~Proverbs 4:5 All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm c 2018


Loyalties, no matter how well intended, can often lead us astray. This is especially true whenever we dare consider dismissing core principles, convictions and truths that create spiritual boundaries. Misguided loyalties blind us, blocking red flags that attempt to inform us of dysfunctional pulls. Dysfunctional pulls often manifests itself when the heart betrays itself. Such [...]