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Preparation for the thing that is to come is essential. No amount of anxiety, fear or worry will hasten its arrival.

The mean time, the in between time is preparational time. Trust, breathe, and continue to trust. ~Stormie Steele

Eye of Storm



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Healthy Relationships…

One of the many treasures of healthy relationships is understanding and respecting the uniqueness of individuality. Such a posture tends to compliment one to the other in a way that strengthens the unit almost miraculous. 

Compatibility doesn’t always mean we’re equal on every aspect of relating. ~Stormie Steele 

If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. ~Mark 3:25 (NIV)

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All consistencies (patterns of repetition) add up – whether it’s a practice of healthy or unhealthy patterns.

If you’ve ever taken note, the consistencies of the unreliable are quite consistent.

Patterns of consistencies are not easily broken – as they become habits, deeply grounded in behavior…the foundation of character. Our consistencies speak volumes about us.

Are you aware of your consistencies?

I appreciate your visit. Live wise & live well. ~Storm

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Give Thanks…

It may seem to not be enough – challenge yourself to see the advantage. Give thanks for being capable of seeing the advantage.

The sufficiency of daily supply is often enough. Give thanks for the blessedness of acknowledging sufficiency.

God gives seeds for renewal. Give thanks for seeds of renewal.

God faithfully provides. Give thanks for God’s faithfulness.

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Stormie Steele