Be Still…(repost)

There is a time to "be still". A time that requires our engagement of silence... A time to "be still" - to define absolutely nothing! To clear the self...cleanse the self. "Be still"/ 2014 Image by Eye of Storm/copyright 2014


As we demonstrate acts of mercy, grace & forgiveness when interacting with others – we're mindful that we too stand in need of no less of the same. Demonstrating compassion & love brings honor to the sacredness of who we are...of who we are becoming. What are you demonstrating? Thank you for allowing Life Through [...]

Repost/For This, I Am Grateful

I've learned to quieten my mind, to breathe in deeply and exhale for long periods of time. For this, I am grateful. I cherish the ability to examine life before examine myself-to correct when needed and to love myself. For this, I am grateful. To reflect on what the present offers is to partake [...]

Rid Yourself of Stress…

In the most healthy and practical ways, minimize stress... Breathe deeper, even deeper - learn to trust...release. Wishing you balance and wellbeing. ~Storm Eye of Storm Image/copyright 2014

Enter In…

The quiet separates us from the noise of outer influences, teaching us to listen, hear and trust the voice of God. The quiet is where we can find strength, refuge, presence, peace of mind, and needed restoration. Enter in. At other times the quiet strips us, leaving us void and empty. Sheer vulnerability, an essential [...]

Take Some Time…

Take some time to breathe. All things can not be accomplished in one day. Seize some time to relax - breathe. Can you feel your breath...can you hear it? Slow down - breathe. Command your thoughts to stop. When you slip back into thinking...breathe more intently. Listen to your breath, escape into the calm...the peace. [...]

Courage To Be Still

It takes courage to be still - "seemingly" doing nothing. Stillness is a posture of faith - that of trust...entrusting. Do you have the courage to be still? Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." (NIV) Stormie Steele/Life [...]