The Command of Quiet (audio)

episode-19-the-command-of-quiet.m4a The quiet strengthens us-prepares and restores (mind, body, spirit). ~Storm Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm c 2019

I Am an Unfolding Blossom (audio)

Photo by Luis Quintero on I am an unfolding blossom, the constant of new life. Subscribe via iTunes Store and at this website. Life Through The Storm 2018

New Beginnings…

Determine to grow, unfold with the times and seasons that are present. That there be no regrets, do now as your heart of knowing instructs. Fret not, new beginnings are constant. New beginnings/Stormie Steele (c) 2016

Excuse, Reasons & Opportunity…

Excuses and reasons will never cease to exist, nor will the opportunity to rise above them! Your choices are your treasures, don't waste them. Maximize your will ultimately come to its timely end. Hold yourself accountable for who and for where you are. Excuses and reasons will never cease to exist, nor will the [...]

Present Ownership

No matter what experiences have been encountered, especially the ones that seem to steal one's sense of worth - take present ownership of your life. As often as such is permitted - accountability, perspective and order can take its rightful place. Present ownership is spiritual and personal empowerment, it's liberating. ~Storm Stormie Steele/Present Ownership (c) [...]

Set The Tone…

We can, if we're willing and available, make healthy and wise decisions for our lives. Whether we choose to do so remains to be demonstrated, especially if we've chosen less than best for ourselves. We set the tone - personally, relationally, spiritually and otherwise. Those with whom we interact are usually following our lead. Be [...]