Surrender vs Resistance…

Surrender paves way for a beneficial transition, multiple lessons can be attained (mind, body, spirit). Resistance prolongs dis-ease, distortion, disturbance, dysfunction and a host of other disappointing delays. Stormie Steele c 2019

Imagine Forgiveness (audio)

episode-21-imagine-forgiveness-1.m4a The power of imagination makes a world of difference. Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Storm Pexels Image Life Through The Storm c 2019

The Heart of Worship (audio)

the-heart-of-worship.m4a Worshipping The Lord is more than a corporate celebration-although, gathering with others in fellowship can be a wonderful experience. Worship is a life of expression-in spirit and in truth. ~Storm Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm c 2019

Forgiveness Virtues (audio)

episode-13-day-9-forgiveness-virtues.m4a I allow patience to produce within me value and sacred regard for my life. Wishing you a life of wholeness, peace and well-being. ~Storm Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm 2019

A Walk in Mercy, Love and Compassion (audio)

Listen...a-walk-in-mercy-love-and-compassion-.m4a Forgive yourself. ~Stormie Steele Subscribe via iTunes Store and at this website. Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm C 2019

Insights from Storm

Wisdom encourages us to gain from every experience encountered. We repeat the familiar because we’ve not captured significant resources (strength, courage) to support/sustain necessary change. Perhaps we’re not paying close attention, we’re not conscious of the lesson at hand. ~Stormie Steele Pexels image credit All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm 2019

An Offering of Daily Reflections… (audio)

Whenever there's a need for spiritual, emotional or mental healing-it's clear-we all heal differently...through a space and time that I consider as God's grace. an offering of daily reflections None can escape the process of breaking down patterns-thoughts and beliefs that hold us back. Nor can the WORK of consistency that aids in healing be [...]

The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Forgiveness is a ritual of healthy monitoring-emotional, mental and spiritual influences. It means making sure that debris via thoughts, daily living, memory, beliefs and perceptions are in alignment with insightful conscious living. ~Stormie Steele (The Healing Journey) Subscribe via iTunes Store and at this website. Pixels image credit Life Through The Storm 2018