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Being Love…

Being love (never overlooking ourselves in the process thereof) frees us…heals us like no other healing balm can. ~Life Through The Storm

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The Healing Journey

The Journey of Forgiveness

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Honor Your Blessings…

Honor your blessings, take them not for granted. Respect your convictions, for they are the values that carve your essence, they too are your blessings.

Remember who you are, and who you are committed to becoming. It’s such a blessing.

Give thanks for your multiple blessings. ~Storm

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Let Healing Take Its Place…

We have no room for fear, doubt, worry (over concern), a clogged or repressed subconscious, lack of sleep or anything else that separates us from peace of mind, body, spirit!!

Let healing take its place. Whether its spontaneously or revealed through increments of time, participate wisely and let healing take its place.

This is your life…live wise and live well. ~Storm

Stormie Steele/Let healing take its place (c) 2016

3 Day Quote Challenge ~1

Thanks to Phoebe (www.phoebemd.com) for the “quote challenge” invite, expressing words of healing.

Poetry is indeed medicine, yet – without proper adherence to the “prescribed dosage”, the benefits thereof can often be delayed, if not altogether lost.

In many instances, emotional healing or otherwise, is in the hands of the one desiring such (physician heal thyself).

To engage the “quote challenge”, I select www.visionairekindness.com, www.elizawaters.wordpress.com and www.nomzikumalo.wordpress.com

I honor each artist’s/writer’s/gardener’s/poet’s work and deem each to process the right amount of offerings that lend toward the healing arts ministry.

That which is termed “good for the soul”, is worthy of daily use. Poetry as medicine is suggested.

The following is my 3 day contribution (1 per day) to Phoebe’s “quote challenge”.

Words heal, complete, solidify and abundantly create.

Words destroy, hurt and pollute. Than again, words go as far as the speaker or recipient of such allows.

Stormie Steele/words copyright 2016


The opportunity to grow is one of life’s greatest gifts. For within such, one can gain the truest perspective of love, purpose, identity and wealth.

Determine to make the most of this opportunity called life. ~Storm

Opportunity/all rights reserved 2015

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The Healthiest Decision…

Although difficult at times, the healthiest decision sends a rippling effect, affecting multiple and unseen realities.🌺

Choose wisely – it’s your privilege, your opportunity and your blessings. ~Life Through The Storm

The healthiest decision/copyright 2015