Episode 9/Forgiveness and Deep Breathing (audio)

episode-9forgiveness-and-deep-breathing-.m4a The constant flow of what to draw in, or what to push out is one of life’s continual challenges. Conscious breathing and forgiveness synchronizes our personal rhythm to life. ~Stormie Steele Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm c 2019

Episode 7/Forgiveness ~A Blessing (audio)

Forgiveness is the blessed release from inner-conflict, a cleansing from unhealthy and relentless replays. ~Stormie Steele episode-7forgiveness-a-blessing.m4a Journey with Life Through The Storm via podcasts, ebooks and hard copies as an offering of daily reflections-through prayer meditation, journaling and more. Pexels image credit All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm (C) 2019

Insights from Storm

Wisdom encourages us to gain from every experience encountered. We repeat the familiar because we’ve not captured significant resources (strength, courage) to support/sustain necessary change. Perhaps we’re not paying close attention, we’re not conscious of the lesson at hand. ~Stormie Steele Episode 7 of The Journey of Forgiveness is coming up. Subscribe at the iTunes [...]


Gratitude fills the soul with unspeakable joy! I am convinced-living a life of gratitude equates to spiritual and emotional wellness..wealth! Live wise, live well and live whole. ~Stormie Steele Pixel image credit Life Through The Storm 2019

Episode 5/The Journey of Forgiveness (audio)

Forgiveness has a way of keeping us on course, of reminding us to prioritize our emotions, and our perspectives as we interact with others. ~Stormie Steele  episode 5-the journey of forgiveness pixabay image credit All rights reserved/Life Through The Storm/Insights from Storm 2019

Happy New Year-2019!!

It's 2019, absolutely nothing rings more significantly...remember/embrace/realize/know that you are loved! You have always been loved-despite circumstances that may have dictated otherwise. We interpret much from knowing or not knowing that we are loved... We repeat (whatsoever is necessary for our development) in order to learn. We repeat because we’ve not learned. We repeat in [...]