The Command of Quiet (audio)

episode-19-the-command-of-quiet.m4a The quiet strengthens us-prepares and restores (mind, body, spirit). ~Storm Pexels image credit Life Through The Storm c 2019

The Threshold of New…(repost)

If you're blessed to cross the threshold of the new year, be mindful of what you carry with you. The past has passed, life is short. Whatever needs forgiveness, release or healing - take care of it! Do the necessary work or risk being stuck another round! Unhealthy practices continue as long as we allow [...]


As we seek balance, understanding teaches us the wisdom of practicing that which serves the whole of who are. Paying attention to the whole of who we are (mind,body, spirit) means that we're not willing to neglect/overlook any aspect of ourselves. Our overall health is contingent upon such. Live wise, live well and live whole. [...]

Present Ownership

No matter what experiences have been encountered, especially the ones that seem to steal one's sense of worth - take present ownership of your life. As often as such is permitted - accountability, perspective and order can take its rightful place. Present ownership is spiritual and personal empowerment, it's liberating. ~Storm Stormie Steele/Present Ownership (c) [...]